ORT Tea Club

Following the lead of other more established tea vendors, we have decided the time is right to finally initiate a monthly tea club.

Starting November 1st, we invite everyone to join our Discord Server and Patreon Community. Basic server access will always be free, but those who support us monthly at the 10 dollar level will be able to join our VIP tea table, get discounted early access to new teas, and have special access to any left-overs from the tea club.

Those who sign on for 40 dollars or more a month will receive a custom tea sampler and priority shipping. Each month, we will coordinate virtual tea sessions and prepare amble educational material to accompany each sampled tea.
Your monthly support will allow us to spend more time digging into the teas we already know and enjoy more opportunities sharing what we know with you. Below is a list of the teas we will tentatively ship out each month for our first year. We hope we can meaningfully explore these teas together.

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