Apricot Kernal Fragrance Dancong
Apricot Kernal Fragrance Dancong

Apricot Kernal Fragrance Dancong

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Spring 2020 Harvest
Almond Fragrance
High Mountain
Medium Roast
Dancong Oolong

Xingrenxiang, or apricot kernel fragrance, is a classically charcoal roasted dancong that belongs to the almond fragrance family.  The dry leaves are much smaller than many other varietals and have a sender thin twist to them.  When first brewed, the wet leaves are incredibly floral and fragrant while still offering a lot of toasted nut aromas. This tea is incredibly balanced between its sweet and floral bouquet and the more toasty roast expected in many traditionally processed Dancong oolongs. Full of small slender leaves, this tea is mineral rich, thick on the tongue, and full in the mouth. The liquor is a light gold and very clear, while the empty cup is syrup sweet.

This is certainly one of our favorite dancongs we have sampled this year.

A note on names:
In the big book of Dancong tea varietals, written by a long-time Phoenix Village tea producer, there are over 200 dancong varietals listed, among them are several in a family dubbed 'almond fragrance'.  Among these dancong varietals are found the 'peach kernel fragrance' and the 'apricot kernel fragrance'.  As both these fruit kernels yield a type of almond, these dancong varietals are often mistranslated as simply 'almond fragrance' which in truth can refer to half a dozen different varietals.

Thus, as we offer both the Peach Kernel Fragrance and the Apricot Kernel Fragrance which are in the Almond Fragrance family, we have elected to follow a very literal translation of their names.

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