Ginger Lily Fragrance
Ginger Lily Fragrance
Ginger Lily Fragrance
Ginger Lily Fragrance

Ginger Lily Fragrance

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Tea: Ginger Lily Fragrance (Jianghua Xiang 姜花香)
Type: Charcoal Roasted Dancong Oolong
Harvest: Spring 2022
Roast Dates: 1st Roasting in June 2022, 2nd roasting in July 2022
Region: Phoenix Village, Guangdong, China
Producers: Mrs. Chen 
Tasting notes:  Multigrain bread, honey, caramel, dried ginger, orchid

The Ginger Lily Fragrance, or the Ginger Flower Fragrance, is a medium-roasted floral dancong whose dry leaves exude an incredible aroma of freshly baked multi-grain bread with notes of honey and caramelized sugar.  We would consider this roast level to be medium, balanced between a light and heavy roast, and thus the leaves brew up rather quickly in the first few sessions, showing off their natural sweetness and brighter notes behind the roast right away.  The texture of the tea is soft on the tongue and soothing on the stomach throughout the entire session.  We don't find harsh edges of unpleasant bitterness in the brews, and would consider this a gentle and forgiving Dancong no matter how it is brewed.

Once brewed, the leaves open up into a richly woodsy savory bouquet with the floral fragrance lingering in the background.  There is an unmistakable hint of ginger spiciness on the wet leaves that waxes and wanes throughout the session giving credence to the name of this varietal.  The liquor is a deep amber, and is pleasantly thick in the mouth.  There is a large amount of mineral taste on the tongue with this tea, and a dry sweetness comes after a few sips.  This tea is capable of a deep huigan and a pleasant dryness on the tongue as the session progresses.

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