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Enshi Yulu Sampler & Survey
Enshi Yulu Sampler & Survey
Enshi Yulu Sampler & Survey
Enshi Yulu Sampler & Survey

Enshi Yulu Sampler & Survey

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This sample set is free, but we ask that anyone that ‘purchases’ it fill out an online survey  More on that later, first, the tea.

This box contains 24 grams of Yulu Green tea from Hubei, China.  They were harvested the same year, the same season, produced in the same style, and grown in the same region.

In the box:

7g Hubei Yulu Green Tea (green pouch)

7g Hubei Yulu Green Tea (silver pouch)

7g Hubei Yulu Green Tea (gold pouch)

The general structure of this box is a blind taste test and comparison.  The survey we ask you to fill out will inquire as to your preferences between these three teas, and a little about your general tea-drinking habits.

Why the survey?  First, we are not here to try and sell any of these three teas.  In fact, they come from producers we have never, and will never work with.  This is truly an exploration of the green tea preferences of the foreign market for Chinese green tea producers.

Chinese green tea doesn't sell very well internationally.
It seems an undisputed fact that Japanese green tea and virtually every other kind of Chinese tea  (save perhaps yellow tea) has a larger and more visible niche among regular tea drinkers abroad.

So what gives? There is no lack of quality producers or unique varieties. Indeed, the very same green teas that have high price points and almost universal name recognition in China barely have a market abroad, except within the Chinese diaspora. 

Could it be lingering concerns over not-so-organic production? High prices? A lack of name recognition or maybe just genuine lack of enjoyment for the taste of Chinese green tea?

To get to the bottom of this matter, between now and the end of Spring, we intend to send out 100 free green tea sampler.

The three unmarked samples within the sampler will be from three producers we have, do not, and will not ever commercially sell tea from. To make this a bit more scientific, we have chosen three teas produced in the same region, harvest, and processing style. All of these samples are Enshi Yulu. Unlike many other varieties of Chinese green tea, this tea has well-defined, government-enforced standards of picking and processing. Nevertheless, variation between these three teas exist. Once it is clear which of these three teas is most preferred and at what price point, we will follow up with the three producers and do our best to figure out why these variations might exist and how viable each of these three teas might be for export. 

How will we know our customers' preferences? As the link and title of this product imply, there is an online survey that we would like each buyer to fill out as they try the teas. This sampler will be freely included in the next fifty orders, but another fifty will also be available for direct purchase here. 

For those who buy directly, we only ask you help us cover some of the cost of international shipping.