2021 Spring Laos Green Tea (Gushu Puer)
2021 Spring Laos Green Tea (Gushu Puer)
2021 Spring Laos Green Tea (Gushu Puer)
2021 Spring Laos Green Tea (Gushu Puer)
2021 Spring Laos Green Tea (Gushu Puer)

2021 Spring Laos Green Tea (Gushu Puer)

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Tea: Laos Green (Gushu puer)
Type: Laos Puer Maocha
Harvest: Spring 2021
Region: Baan Komen Village, Laos
Producers: Keosuyaping Family

Upon first impression, the Spring Laos Gushu Maocha is instantly more sweet and pungent than its autumn counterpart. This is a powerful tea you don’t want to tango with on an empty stomach.

The brew color is a deep gold, slightly cloudy with youth, but should clear out in time. The aroma off the wet leaves is a thick honey and that sticks right to the back of the nose. The brew itself is very viscous in the mouth with notes of beeswax and sea salt mixing in among the more obvious notes of dry pear.

This tea is simply incredible to be available at the price it is, as the terroir of the garden, the healthiness of leaves, the thickness of the stems, and the undeniable Gushu Chaqi are all incredibly apparent in each session, and the tea itself is simply a relaxing joy to drink.

This tea was made in Spring of 2021 from a beautiful ancient garden of tea trees 30-40km south of the Chinese border.  The climate is the same as that of Xishuangbanna, and the teas have a sweetness reminiscent of the lighter Yiwu raw puer teas.  The tea undergoes the same withering, wood-fired wok killing of the green, hand rolling and sun drying that is the standard process for making puer teas just across the border.  All these steps were carried out by members of the Keosuyaping family.

Read more about how we met the Keosuyaping family and found their teas here! 

This tea is sold loose and still in its maocha, or raw, form.  Thus, there may be some larger leaves present, some stems, and a good deal of tea down and tea dust, so be sure to rinse the leaves properly before brewing.  After brewing, we suggest picking though the leaves to get a feel for the texture of these large leaves and thick stems.  This is a truly enjoyable every day tea, and was offered to us at a very fair price.

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