Laos Red Tea (Gushu Dianhong)

Laos Red Tea (Gushu Dianhong)

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Our Laotian red tea comes from an isolated village some 30 or 40 km South of the Chinese border.  We traveled into these isolated mountains in January of 2020 to meet the makers and check out the trees.  These teas are all made from what we would - without hesitation - call ancient trees (100+ years).  And the tea is all grown, made, and sold by the Keosuyaping family.  The environment, production, and people were all up to our standard, and we are proud to collaborate with the Keosuyaping family and offer their teas to the Western market.   

This red tea is made from the same ancient trees as make up the rest of the Laos lineup.  The flavor of this tea is very complex.  With deep earthy and raw chocolate notes on the nose, it opens up with spices on the tongue.  One of our favorite parts about this gushu red tea is the mouth feel.   While made from the same material as the Laos green tea (gushu puer), it's sharp edges have been softened through the oxidization process, and now has a very welcoming presence on the tongue.  

The tea has been fully oxidized by rolling before the green has been killed in a wok and sun dried.  As a result, this tea is very soothing on the stomach, it is much more tame than it's green counterpart.  We recommend this tea to those with sensitive stomachs that don't agree with young raw puer or green teas.  

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