Longshan Household Farm

(green tea)

Our Longshan household farm is actually two families bound together to grow and produce several grades of green tea each spring. In tandem they own a majority of the Dragon Mountain, or Longshan. Though much of the land is devoted to timber (planting and cultivating expensive-wood trees such as Guihua), they have revitalized a forgotten tea field that was planted decades ago, that had substantially overgrown, attaining a very natural feeling. Line rows have been cut after the fact through the overgrown tea mountain to make access easier for cultivating and harvesting. This marks a beautiful return to tea for the local farmers.


We encourage you to read more about the Longshan Household Farm. After interviewing the heads of both households, we have a fairly good understanding of the farm: the agricultural methodology of their tea growing, their history, their division of labor, and even the wages of their employees.


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