Luyangchun is a local tea from our city of Yangzhou.  Reminiscent of Anji Baicha but without all the hype and knock-off copies, this tea varietal first began to be produced in the early 90s.  This tea emphasizes an overwhelming about of fresh scent and taste, the tea liquor is clear and gold, while the aroma is of fresh grass and even hints at cut but uncooked green bell peppers.

Name and Region: Lu Yang Chun, from the countryside around Yizheng, Jiangsu province. 绿杨春,仪征市,江苏省

Appearance: Very small needle shaped leaves usually consisting of a single leaf folded around a bud, in the shape of a spear or sword 

Oxidization: little to none (note that through the handmade proceedings, some natural oxidization of the leaves may occur)

Aroma: sweet and overwhelmingly fresh, like rain on grass, or freshly cut vegetables

Liquor: clear gold, though sometimes flecked with the downy hairs of young tea buds

Mouthfeel: rich and sweet, with little to none astringency and a deeper mouthfeel with more umami than other green teas

Production method: fields are free from pesticides, plants are harvested by hand, leaves are sorted by machine, then either completely hand made during the kill-green and leaf shaping process, or are produced with a blend of human art and machine perfection.  Please look to the particular production method of each variety of Lu Yang Chun we carry to find out which specific method was employed by whom.

Producer:  We have made contact with many local producers and are proud to support our local community, as this tea is not very popular in China and utterly unknown in the west, we have allied ourselves when many farms of various sized and various production methods in the area.  

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