Mister Zhang

We refer to Mister Zhang's teas as 'the Retired Leader teas', as he was the once head of the Mountains and Rivers Cooperative. After working with the tea cooperative for close to thirty years, he has since retired and taken a back seat on tea production; he now only produces a small amount of tea each spring from his own plot of land with processing equipment that he has gathered over the years. 

With his children grown and co-op managed by others, he earns a little extra income by selling his own Lyuyangchun. The teas he produces are yet another expression of tea for passion. He does all the processing by himself and finishes every batch with hand frying in his electric wok. Mister Zhang is an example of how tea cooperatives can support families beyond the daily necessities of subsistence living, creating a more comfortable life by producing a valued commodity.  

Lacking a shop or online marketer, he currently sells only to the old customers who are willing to drive out to his village. We hope to help Zhang and his family sell their hand-crafted tea to enthusiasts abroad.

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