Shanhe Producer Cooperative

(green tea)

The Mountains and Rivers Tea cooperative is based out of the relatively small city of Yangzhou, Jiangsu. Once a state owned enterprise, the tea growers cooperative has since split into several smaller co-ops and the farmers involved are seeing more and more profits each year. This is one purpose of these government funded cooperatives: boosting a local economy and encouraging subsistence farmers to grow into a new level of society, from farmers into producers and artisans.  Although we made initial contact with the cooperative as a whole, we have since made particularly good connections with two families that have a long history with the Mountains and Rivers Cooperative but sell their tea independently. This makes your support much more direct to the producers. Our two producers are Master Feng, resident tea master of the cooperative since 1990, and Mister Zhang, who was once the leader of the cooperative but is now retired and only makes tea for a few faithful customers in the local city. 


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