Taoshu Community Chaoqing Green
Taoshu Community Chaoqing Green
Taoshu Community Chaoqing Green

Taoshu Community Chaoqing Green

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Hubei Green Tea
Spring 2018 Yuqian (Harvested between April 5th and April 20th)

Leaf: Tightly curled dark green with silver buds.
Liquor: Green more than gold, down and oil.
Aroma: Toast, sweet roasted nuts, slight cinnamon.
Taste: Thick and strong, savory with traces of huigan.

This is the standard Chaoqing green tea from our high-mountain Hubei cooperative known as the Taoshu Community (or Peach Tree Community). As mentioned in our blog post on Chaoqing, this style is a very common method of making green tea in China: in short, it is simply green tea. The style is very simple yet very refined, and the cooperative has been producing this type of tea since its inception in 1986. This tea is a staple of the community, and thus it is the tea that the members, the producers, and the pickers drink most regularly.  Both strong and savory, this Hubei chaoqing green has shown us that the delicacy pervasive to the mingqian teas is not always valued highest among all sects of Chinese tea drinkers.

Brewing recommendation: We recommend drinking this tea 'grandpa style,' as loose leaves in a tall glass; it is easy, simple, and elegant. This is the way almost everyone drinks green tea in China, from office workers to farmers, all in unspoken solidarity. 

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