Mingqian Green Tea Presale Box

Mingqian Green Tea Presale Box

One River Tea

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Available Unail April 4th
25g Biluochun (Suzhou Green)
25g Yulu (Enshi Green)
25g Maojian (Hefeng Green)
25g Golden Green (Baojing Green)

These farmers and cooperatives typically sell out of their pre-Qingming green teas. We are offering the pre-sale for this hard-to-find quality pick. The pre-sale is first come first serve, as we will only be able to acquire a limited amount of these teas. 

Given the extraordinary price of Mingqian green tea, especially Biluochun and Golden Green, we have decided to market this tea in a $50 sampler. Once the Mingqian tea has sold out, we will offer each of the constituent teas.
Biluochun is an internationally well-known Chinese green tea famous for its scenic production area and spiral leaf shape. Our Biluochun comes from an independent household on Suzhou’s West Dongting Mountain.
Enshi Yulu is notable for being China’s last major green tea to be steamed rather than fried, sun dried, or baked. Our Yulu comes from a small six household cooperative in Tunbao Township, Enshi’s second largest Yulu region.
Golden Green is a newer style of green tea famous as much for its price as it is for its sweetness and remote production region. Our Golden Green is sourced from a leading organic cooperative in one of Baojing County’s last surviving Miao townships: Hulu Zhen.
Hefeng Maojian is by no means a famous tea, but is a quality handmade variant of the more widely known Wufeng Maojian. Our producer is an organic cooperative of several Tujia farming households, located about 150 kilometers west of Wufeng County proper.