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Half Baked: A Dancong Maocha Comparison Box
Half Baked: A Dancong Maocha Comparison Box
Half Baked: A Dancong Maocha Comparison Box

Half Baked: A Dancong Maocha Comparison Box

One River Tea

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Tea:  Baxian Green Maocha(八仙绿毛茶) and Baxian Baked Maocha (八仙烘焙毛茶)
Type: Dancong Oolong Raw Tea
Harvest: Spring 2022
Region: Phoenix Village, Guangdong, China
Producers: Xie Family

This is a very exciting and unique opportunity we are happy to present: Half Baked: a Dancong Maocha comparison box!

We came across what we believe to be one of the tastiest Dancong Maochas we have had in a long time.  While the farmer was a bit reluctant to part with this tea in its Maocha state (it will sell for more once it is charcoal roasted in May), he agreed to part with a limited quantity.  On top of that he also agreed to bake half of it in preparation for charcoal roasting.  The result: a green Maocha and a baked Maocha.

In the Box:
30g Eight Immortals Baked Maocha
30g Eight Immortals Green Maocha

This is a wonderful insight into how different a single tea can taste just one step apart in its production.  The green Maocha, like the baked Maocha,  has passed through all the processes to take it from a leaf picked off a bush to a brewable tea leaf, however, their difference lies in their pre-roast baking.

The Green Maocha is sweet and light with notes of sweetgrass and fresh violets, while the Baked Maocha is deep and savory with steamed spinach leaves and baked sugar in the aroma.  Although they are different on the surface, their core characteristics remain the same, namely their smooth butteriness and rich savor.

We invite you to explore these teas yourself and learn to taste what a baked Dancong tastes like compared to a Dancong fresh out of spring production!