Winter Break Sampler
Winter Break Sampler

Winter Break Sampler

One River Tea

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The Chinese classify the types of tea by colors: green, white, red, black, yellow, and blue.  In the West, this classification gets a little muddled; green is still green, white is still white, but red becomes black, and black becomes fermented, yellow is still yellow (though often misunderstood), while blue is just called oolong (which in Chinese means dark dragon).  In hopes of exploring some of the spectrum of Chinese teas, we have put together a box with 4 of these types from different regions in China.

This winter sampler includes a green tea from open planes of Eastern Jiangsu province, black tea from the mountainous region of central Hubei province, white tea from the craggy coasts of Fujian province, and oolong tea from the mountains of Southern Guangdong province.   

  • 25g Xiongdi Dancong Oolong Tea
  • 25g Goldbud Black Tea
  • 25g Luyangchun Green Tea
  • 25g Compressed Shoumei White Tea

Altogether, this sampler set includes 100 grams of tea, hopefully enough to last through the coldest winter months.

The first four orders will ship during the break and will receive a real tea ration slip from China's collectivist past, which we found in a tiny antique/junk shop in the small city of Enshi, Hubei.

The suggested brewing method for most of these teas is in a small teapot or a gaiwan (about 1 gram dry tea per ounce of water in vessel).  However, the compressed white tea can be brewed grandpa style (thrown whole into a big cup with boiling water), or even boiled.

Happy Holidays and may 2020 bring you more pleasant tea sessions!