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2020 ’Green‘ Shoumei
2020 ’Green‘ Shoumei
2020 ’Green‘ Shoumei
2020 ’Green‘ Shoumei

2020 ’Green‘ Shoumei

One River Tea

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Tea: Green Shoumei
Type: Fuding White Tea
Harvest: Autumn 2020
Region: Panxi, Fuding, China
Producers:  Yuanming Tea Garden

The dry leaves are large, untamed, and ranging in color from a light white bud to a dark green leaf.  The pick is relatively early for autumn: one bud and two leaves primarily.  The aroma off the wet leaves are thick and vegetal as fresh cut grass, while the lid of the gaiwan holds the hint of spice and sweetness that will begin to manifest as the tea ages over the next few years. 

The liquor is a pale gold like the young baimudan, but with noticeably less down.  The tea is very smooth in the mouth with little to no astringency.  While less thick than the spring’s Baimudan, it does have a very pleasant mouthfeel delivering both sweetness and a refreshing vegetation.  Drinking several cups in a quick succession delivers a nice huigan, or sweetness in the back of the throat.  This tea is a great way to understand the amazing transformations that occur in white tea when compared to the 2015 Shoumei

We have also combined this tea with the 2015 Shoumei in our “Old Books: Shoumei Age Comparison Box” in order to help tea people understand the how the flavors change in a shoumei tea with age!

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