2015 Shoumei
2015 Shoumei
2015 Shoumei

2015 Shoumei

One River Tea

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Tea: Shoumei
Type: Fuding White Tea
Harvest: Autumn 2015
Region: Panxi, Fuding, China
Producers: Yuanming Tea Garden


This tea is on the cusp of transformation.  The floral notes in the dry leaves are transforming into something much more savory.  The wet leaves exude a mix of both floral and buttery notes reminiscent of roasted peanuts.  This tea is all about the mouthfeel, it is thick and has no traces of bitterness.  In China, there is a saying about aged white teas "one year tea, three years medicine, seven years treasure".  As this tea is nearing the seven year mark, it is quickly maturing into a true treasure.

This is an early autumn harvest Shoumei.  The pick grade is a Jipin Bailu, referring to a high-quality pick in the first two weeks of autumn harvest (mid/late September).  While the buds are still very silver and covered with down, the leaves are just beginning to naturally brown with age.  The tea is an early production from Qiu, grown at 600m elevation on mountain terraces outside the village of Panxi, which is located just north west of the famed Taimushan Nature Reserve. The overall leaf size is smaller than many shoumei teas that we have seen, especially older shoumei.  

For those new to Shoumei White Teas, we highly recommend trying some fresh shoumei in order to compare the taste differences.  For those tea nerds out there who really want to analyze the transformations of flavors, we recommend trying the “Old Books: Shoumei Age Comparison Box”!

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