2018 Baimudan (White Peony)
2018 Baimudan (White Peony)
2018 Baimudan (White Peony)
2018 Baimudan (White Peony)

2018 Baimudan (White Peony)

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Tea:  Jipin Baimudan (Exceptional White Peony)
Type: Fuding White Tea (Dabaihao cultivar)
Harvest: Spring 2018
Region: Panxi Village, Fuding, Fujian
Farm:  Yuanming Tea Garden

This tea has been aged loose in an exceptional environment (a dark, warm, humidity controlled, charcoal lined wooded warehouse).  The leaves are already beginning to take on a darker, more muted green, while the white buds themselves are starting to turn a warmer silver color.  The pick is a lovely Mudan Wang (king white peony) and consists almost entirely of one leaf one bud plucks.  The aroma off the warmed leaves is still sweetly grassy, and yet has begun to offer up unmistakable notes of vanilla and warmed chocolate.  The way this white peony is aging is more similar to the way a silver needle aged rather than a Shoumei, meaning the tea has more sweetness than floral notes to it.  The liquors is a clean yellow gold, and the mouthfeel thick and savory.

There is a saying in Chinese regarding white tea, “一年茶三年药七年宝” meaning “one year old is tea, three years old is medicine, seven years old is a treasure.”  This tea has just passed its three-year mark, and it is distinctly different from fresh tea.  The green flavors are transforming into something sweeter, the sharp edges are mellowed into something more savory, and even the color has begun to change.  We decided on this 2018 white tea in order to examine this development of flavors between fresh tea and aged tea, however we like this tea on its own so much that we’ve decided to offer it as a stand-alone product as well.

For those interested in comparing aged Baimudan, check out the Dead Flowers Sample Box, which compares White Peony at these three different ages.

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