2020 Spring Milanxiang
2020 Spring Milanxiang
2020 Spring Milanxiang

2020 Spring Milanxiang

One River Tea

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Spring 2020 Harvest
Magnolia Fragrance
Medium Roast
Dancong Oolong
Milanxiang, or magnolia fragrance, is one of the most popular Dancong oolongs on the market, and thus, we have had our chance to try lots, lots and lots.  Thus it is really something when a milanxiang stands out amongst the crowd, and this tea stands right out.  It’s fragrance is strong and balanced, a blend of warm roasted nuts and sappy flowers that continues on in the empty cup long after the tea is gone.  While many milanxiang teas are nose-or-nothing, this tea has an exceptional mouthfeel that isn’t distorted by the powerful fragrance.  Incredibly drinkable, not bitter or sour if over-brewed, this tea is one of our favorites we had while down in the village this spring.
The Lin Family usually sells maocha, but makes this tea for their own personal
consumption. They didn’t want to sell it at first, as is this tea is not well sorted and not in ample supply, but nevertheless last year they agreed to sell us a few pounds and, true to their word, have sold us another batch this year.
Give it a try if you have not already!


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