2020 Tuofuhou Dancong
2020 Tuofuhou Dancong
2020 Tuofuhou Dancong

2020 Tuofuhou Dancong

One River Tea

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Spring 2020 Harvest
Tribute Fragrance
Mid Mountain
Medium Roast
Dancong Oolong

Tuofuhou is a lesser-known varietal of dancong oolong.  When we asked out friends at Huiwei which tea they were most proud of, this varietal came to the top of their list.  The leaves are high quality and the roast is exquisite, there is little question why they are so fond of it.

The leaves are long and twisted with the evidence of a charcoal roast.  Just after the rinse the fragrance opens up completely, rich with heavy honey roast fragrance and fresh-sawn wood.  The liquor is still a lovely gold (not too dark) and is noticeably oily when held up to the light.   The taste is very smooth and buttery, refreshing heat with a very present and thick kougan, or mouthfeel.  We are happy with this Dancong, as it is a little-known varietal and really displays the prowess our Huiwei friends have at charcoal roasting and finishing their teas.

This is the second year that we have carried this tea.