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Gardenia Fragrance (fire)
Gardenia Fragrance (fire)
Gardenia Fragrance (fire)
Gardenia Fragrance (fire)

Gardenia Fragrance (fire)

One River Tea

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Tea:  Gardenia Fragrance (Huangzhi Xiang 黄枝香)
Type: Charcoal Roasted Dancong Oolong
Harvest: Spring 2021
Roast Dates: 1st roasting in July 2021
Region: Phoenix Village, Guangdong, China
Producers: Liao Xulin

The Gardenia Fragrance is hands-down the most fragrant-forward dancong tea we are carrying in 2021 (with the Qingxiang Yashixiang a close second).  The dry leaves are packed with sweet floral notes that hit higher, brighter notes than most Milanxiang Dancongs.

Just roasted in August of 2021, the medium fire will take some time to calm down and meld into the tea leaves, at present, the first few infusions are incredibly toasty redolent of candied nuts.  Around the third infusion, the aroma of spring bloom and grassiness present in the leaves themselves begin shine through the roast. 

The brew is a rich gold that is both oily on the tongue and light on the palate.  We get a slight coolness lingering in the mouth after every infusion along with the building huigan.  This is one of the teas that we are eagerly waiting to see how the flavors will meld and mellow with rest over the next year.


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