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Peach Kernel Fragrance Dancong
Peach Kernel Fragrance Dancong
Peach Kernel Fragrance Dancong

Peach Kernel Fragrance Dancong

One River Tea

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Spring 2020 Harvest
Almond Fragrance
High Mountain
Medium Roast
Dancong Oolong

Spring 2020 harvest tasting notes: while roasted oolongs can mature withe age, there is something special about fresh dancong, and this new harvest of the Peach Kernel Fragrance does not disappoint: toasty, fragrant, and fresh.

Taoren Xiang, or peach kernel fragrance (peach kernels being a type of almond), is a Dancong varietal.  The name refers to the honeyed baked fragrance of peach hearts, which are broken open and eaten as a snack all over China. 

The dry leaves are long, twisted, and green.  This old-bush Dancong has been lightly baked in a propane oven to preserve the natural fresh flavor and aroma of the high-quality leaves.  As soon as the leaves begin to unfurl in water, they begin to exude a rich spicy aroma of fresh-cut wood, dried flowers, and ground spices.  The brew is a bright, clear gold, and the mouthfeel is thick and buttery.  Although the wet leaves are full of fragrance, the main focus on the liquor is the mouthfeel and the strong huigan, or lingering sweetness, that this tea leaves in the back of the throat.  Brewed with water near boiling, this tea holds the same high notes for six to eight infusions.

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