Cafe Luna Wholesale -- Wu's White Tea (Shoumei)
Cafe Luna Wholesale -- Wu's White Tea (Shoumei)
Cafe Luna Wholesale -- Wu's White Tea (Shoumei)

Cafe Luna Wholesale -- Wu's White Tea (Shoumei)

One River Tea

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The base price of this tea + exporting clearance will cost us 50 RMB (7.85 USD) per Jin (500 grams). Here are prices for 1, 2, and 3 kilograms including the shipping costs.

Amount Base Price + Shipping Total
1 Kilo 15.70  + 35.33 USD $51.03
2 Kilo 31.40 + 63.74 USD $95.14
3 Kilo 47.10 + 87.14 USD $134.24


Product Information

This white tea is intentionally 'browned' in order to accelerate and improve the appearance of the aging process.  Aged white tea turns a rich deep brown, and the flavors are more subdued and herbal.  During the processing of this tea, it was allowed to sun wither without too much control.  Thus, instead of a relatively uniform green as is found in the Green Shoumei, we are left with a much more naturally darker tea.

The leaves give off a mixture of dried flowers and diluted honey when dry and wet.  The liquid brew is a light gold that darkens with time and infusions.  This tea is very soothing in comparison to the more action-packed green shoumei, or the spring-harvested baimudan.  While age will make this tea even smoother, one can get a jump on that process with this browned shoumei.  This tea is very thick in the mouth and earthy in the nose, however it does not have the higher more sweet and fruity notes found in the green shoumei.  The 'bowned' shoumei is a very interesting insight into the modern world of shoumei production, as it is currently in vogue, and many vendors providing autumn harvested white tea from Fujian are in truth providing a 'browned' shoumei be they consious of this or not.   

Wu is a third generation tea producer in Guanyang Township. Guanyang, despite being within the now legally enforced boundries of the Fuding white tea growing area, Guanyang remains a marginal player in the both the domestic and international market. Nevertheless, the quality of tea produced from Wu's Village and tea plot are superb. Checkout the picture below to see the plot, the village, and the man himself.

The Shoumei white tea you are about to order was dried in his aunt's home/workshop and packaged in their small shop in the Guangyang Township. More international orders like this mean less standing around at the Diantou tea market for Wu. If you are interested, we would be happy to set up a video call with Wu and negotiate direct cooperation between him and Cafe Luna.