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Chaozhou Zhuni Teacup
Chaozhou Zhuni Teacup
Chaozhou Zhuni Teacup
Chaozhou Zhuni Teacup
Chaozhou Zhuni Teacup

Chaozhou Zhuni Teacup

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Maker: Zhang Yinchao
 Chaozhou Zhuni 
Chaozhou Tall Gongfu Teacup
Kiln: Electric
Diameter: 5cm
Weight: 30g

Last time we visited Zhang Yinchao's modest studio outside of Chaozhou, we asked if he had any unglazed teacups.  After scrounging around in the back room, he came out with half a dozen tall gongfu teacups he had made for a private order a few years back.  Each cup has a romantic name of the year of its production written on the bottom, and is made of high quality Zhuni or Dahongpao clay.  While they are slightly more vitrified than the larger teapots, they should soften tea and in time absorb and give flavor back with extended use.

As these cups are very limited, we are only offering them as individual pieces, a Zhurenbei, or masters cup.  Personally we have one of these cups that we love pairing with his teapots for our Dancong sessions, and if we have visitors for tea, well, they can drink out of porcelain!

These cups were all handmade by Zhang Yinchao, the head apprentice of teapot Master Xiehua.  Zhang graduated and used to teach at the Chaozhou Fine Arts University, but has since transitioned into running his personal small studio at night, and running Xinhua's during the day.

Read more about Zhang Yinchao and his potters studio here.