Dark Tea Sampler

Dark Tea Sampler

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This box has been assembled from what is left over from our February patron tea club. In them you will find samples of three dark teas that are widely produced but currently seldom enjoyed in the boutique Western market. They are:

-2021 Yaan Zangcha (25 grams)

-2013 Chibi Chocolate (25 grams)

-2009 Laoqingzhuan (25 grams)

Yaan Zangchan is one of the teas most consumed by Tibetan communities for centuries and has a good claim on being China's first Heicha. Even a young pick is mellow enough to drink straight without the traditional dairy accompaniments.

Laoqingzhuan, by contrast, even after a decade of aging is still best enjoyed with cream or butter. This hardy Mongolian favorite packs the biggest punchs in terms of energy and flavor. The chunk of this tea you will receive has been sawn off from the massive original brick with considerable struggle.

Chibi Chocolates are a modern innovation designed largely to meet the needs of the Han Chinese mass market. Inferior to the other two teas in both pedigree and flavor, this tea's merit lays in its convenience in brewing - no handsaw or pick required.

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