Luyangchun First Flush (Mingqian)
Luyangchun First Flush (Mingqian)

Luyangchun First Flush (Mingqian)

One River Tea

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Spring 2020 Harvest
Luyangchun (Mingqian or pre-qingming)
Jiangsu Green Tea

Leaf: High ratio of buds to leaves, even leaf shape and processing。
Liquor: Cloudy green-gold。
Aroma: Very grassy on the finish, reminiscent of Japanese steamed green teas。
Taste: Thick mouth feel, noticeable huigan and a slight astringency。

This is the highest grade of green tea we offer from Master Feng. The tea leaves were picked and processed by members of the Feng family. The leaves are tender and have grown without the natural stresses of scorching sun or hungry insects. As this is the highest grade of tea picked by a producer from a small plot of land (roughly 0.5 acres), the pick is excellent and the processing pristine. This is truly the makers batch.

Brewing recommendation:  We recommend drinking this tea 'grandpa style,' as loose leaves in a tall glass; it is easy, simple, and elegant. This is the way almost everyone drinks green tea in China, from office workers to farmers, all in unspoken solidarity. 

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