Fermented Laos Shaiqing

Fermented Laos Shaiqing

One River Tea

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Due to a humid season of pressing, storage and shipping, we had a batch of Bamboo Pressed Laos Green Gushu Sheng Puer that underwent some unexpected rapid-humid aging.  

The coloration of the tea has already turned several years darker, and the affects have reached through to the tea itself.  While still not a cooked tea, or even a Hong Kong Storage Puer, it has a bit more fermented taste than its green counterparts.

After posting about his mishap on instagram, and receiving several emails inquiring of their purchase, we have decided to list them as a limited and discounted item here.  

We have been drinking this tea consistently over the past year and a half, and the flavor profile has proven stable and enjoyable.

We only have 6 tubes left - get 'em while you can.