First Pick: A Green Tea Collection
First Pick: A Green Tea Collection

First Pick: A Green Tea Collection

One River Tea

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**This is a Presale product for the earliest picks of Chinese Green Teas from Spring 2022.  Any boxes purchased will be sent out with the Silver Buds: White Tea Collection on April 5th.**

In the tea world, no harvest is as anticipated as that of the Mingqian (also known as the Pre-Qingming) Green Tea harvest.  Green tea is wildly popular in China, and teas grown and made around this time command a high price, and are widely sought after.  The incredible taste of freshly made, delicate picks, and pure spring flavors have been for a long time unavailable in the West.  However, with the advent of private, small parcel shipping, improved storage technology, and increased transparancy and communication between the consumer and the producer, we are now able to share the one-of-a-kind freshness of these 'first-flush' green teas with tea connoisseurs across the globe!

Included in this First Pick Green Tea collection are 3 incredible teas from 3 provinces in China:

25g Biluochun (from Jiangsu)
25g Dragonwell (from Zhejiang)
25g Golden Green (from Hunan)

These farmers and cooperatives typically sell out of their pre-Qingming green teas. So, to meet demand, we are offering the pre-sale for this hard-to-find quality pick. The pre-sale is first come first serve, as we will only be able to acquire a limited amount of these teas. 

Between March 1st and March 14th, the box will be available for pre-order for $50, while after March 14th, the regular $60 price will be implemented.

Pre-order ends April 1st, and all boxes will be sent out April 5th.

Biluochun, 碧螺春, which unfortunately directly translates to "Green Snail Spring", is one of the top 10 most famous teas in mainland China.  This tea is entirely made in a wok, from kill green, to rolling, to drying, and it has a classic spiral shape covered in the fluffy tea trichomes, or tea down.  While the tea we offer is entirely made in a wood-fired wok by master Shen and his wife, we made a video of another producer making biluochun in the same way, only using a gas-powered wok (see the video here).

Dragonwell, 龙井, is a direct translation of the Chinese, Longing.  This tea is another top 10 most famous Chinese teas, and is also entirely made in a wok.  The key processing here is the way the tea leaves are pressed flat against the hot wok to dry in the classic dragonwell shape, in contrast with the curled biluochun style.  Our Dragonwell does not come from Lion's Peak or any of the most esteemed areas of the West Lake area of Hangzhou (because genuine mingqian tea from those areas easily sell for over 1000USD per pound).  Our Dragonwell does however still come from the scenic Westlake area by Hangzhou, and is half handmade with great skill.

Golden Green, 黄金绿茶,is a newer style of green tea famous as much for its price as it is for its sweetness and remote production region. Our Golden Green is sourced from a leading organic cooperative in one of Baojing County’s most well preserved Miao townships: Hulu. The Golden Green cultivar was refined from a single plot of local old growth trees in Hulu and its processing method has been adapted from the semi-curled shaping technique first developed in Central Hunan.  The result is a rich and savory green tea with little to no bitterness in the brew.

 Brewing Parameters: We highly recommend brewing this tea 'grandpa style' meaning adding a few grams to a glass of hot water and letting the leaves steep indefinitely.  The basic ration here is 3 grams tea to 8 ounces water.  We've also made a video giving tips and pointers for this process!