Fragrant Yashixiang (floral)
Fragrant Yashixiang (floral)
Fragrant Yashixiang (floral)
Fragrant Yashixiang (floral)

Fragrant Yashixiang (floral)

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Tea:  Qingxiang Yashixiang (清香鸭屎香)
Type: Bouquet Dancong Oolong
Harvest: Autumn 2021
Region: Phoenix Village, Guangdong, China
Producers: Huiwei Community

We’ve been drinking and carrying this tea for the past 4 years, and it is always one of our favorite releases in the dancong oolong world.  The Qingxiang Yashixiang is a no-holds-barred fragrant foreword tea produced in the autumn.  Qingxiang refers to the light baking without charcoal roasting, and results in a clean and very vegetal tea.  

We always get sharp notes of cut grass with some kitchen spices like cinnamon or ginger isn’t he fragrance off the dry leaves.  The wet leaves provide a thick savory note so famous in the Yashixiang, or Duck Shit Fragrance, Dancong Oolongs, many people actually call this savory note ‘buttery’.

While the highlight of this tea is the fragrance, there is still a pleasantly ample mouthfeel in the brews themselves.  The liquor is a golden green a little thick with trichomes at the beginning of the session.  This tea has a pleasantly dry sweetness with a palate that jumps between savory notes of steamed spinach and high floral notes of lily and jasmine.

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