Frog Hohin - A
Frog Hohin - A
Frog Hohin - A
Frog Hohin - A
Frog Hohin - A
Frog Hohin - A
Frog Hohin - A
Frog Hohin - A
Frog Hohin - A

Frog Hohin - A

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Maker: Yue Chao 
 Fine Black Earth (Jīng hēitáo 精黑陶) 
Hohin (Hand-held Teapot, aka bǎopíng hú 宝瓶壶)
Kiln: Wood-Fire
Filter Type: Flat Net
Diameter: 9cm
Weight: 180g
Pour time:
2 seconds

This 100ml black clay Hohin is decorated with an elegant frog perched a above the steam hole on the eggshell-thin lid.  The overall quality of this piece is absolutely stunning, the black clay lending a fine mature quality to its overall exquisiteness.  This style of handheld teapot can also be called a Shouzhua Hu (手抓壶) or a bǎopíng hú (宝瓶壶), the word Hohin however is Japanese in origin.

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This piece was made by the master ceramicist Yue Chao, who attained his Masters in Ceramics from the prestigious Beijing Central Arts Academy, and has been living and working in Jingdezhen since 2010.

Every piece has been hand thrown by him, trimmed and shaped, then wood fired over a period of three days at temperatures over 1300 degrees Celsius.  As each piece is unique, we have listed them all separately to allow a greater connection between you and your future teapot.

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As every piece has been wood-fired, the slightly uneven flame and heat distribution in the kiln has created subtle variations on each piece in the form of crackled vitrified glazes, rough flame marks (火纹), and other unique elements to make each piece truly irreplaceable.

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