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Osmanthus Fragrance Dancong
Osmanthus Fragrance Dancong
Osmanthus Fragrance Dancong

Osmanthus Fragrance Dancong

One River Tea

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Spring 2020 Harvest
Osmanthus Fragrance
High Mountain
Medium Roast
Dancong Oolong

Osmanthus, or guihua, is a fragrant tree flower growing all across China.  Blooming every Autumn, they fill the evenings with a pervasive sweetness.  These tiny golden flowers are so loved in our City, that come the Autumn time, they find their way into many dishes as garnishes and spices.  While they can sometimes be added to dragonwell green tea, or qimen black tea, no flowers have been added to this oolong, nor has their fragrance been infused. 

The Osmanthus fragrance dancong oddly enough does not have a very stong floral aroma; rather, the wet leaves exude a complex fragrance that is a mix of cinnamon and cooking spices.  This Dancong is more roasted than much of Wei’s other offerings, and thus the mouth feel is very thick and oily.  The liquor is a dark gold due to the roast, and the huigan is deep and long lasting.  The empty cup has a much softer buttery aroma.


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