Longshan Mingqian Wunyu Green Tea dry leaves
Longshan Mingqian Wunyu Green Tea steeped leaves
Longshan Mingqian Wunyu Green Tea liquor
Longshan Mingqian Wunyu Green Tea liquor

Longshan Yunwu (Clouds and Mist) First Flush

One River Tea

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Anhui Green Tea
2018 Spring Mingqian (Pre-Qing Ming - picked before April 5th)

Leaf: Tightly twisted, long silver buds and green leaves.
Liquor: Bright gold-green, cloudy with down.
Aroma: Very fragrant with hints of fruit and spring rain.
Taste: Thick mouth feel, sweet finish, slight astringency.

This is the highest grade of green tea we offer from the Longshan Household Farm. Picked before the Qingming festival on the 5th of April, the leaves are tender and have grown without the natural stress of scorching sun or hungry insects. This ease of life creates a tea that is sweeter and softer than its cousins harvested later in the year. While teas exposed to summer sun and biting insects expend energy on dealing with environmental stress, tea plants early in the season can devote most their energy to the bud and the leaves picked to make this tea.

Brewing recommendation: We recommend drinking this tea 'grandpa style,' as loose leaves in a tall glass. Not only is this a lovely opportunity to marvel at the slowly unfurling tea leaves, the floating down of fresh buds, and slow emissions of tea oils; this is also the way almost everyone drinks green tea in China, from office workers to farmers, all in unspoken solidarity. It is also by far the simplest way to enjoy a good green tea.

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