One Time Tea Club Membership  (10 Dollar Level)

One Time Tea Club Membership (10 Dollar Level)

One River Tea

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More than a few consumers have said that they are interested in our tea club program, but have expressed that 40 or 80 dollars per month is simply not affordable. We have decided to thus announce a new 10 Dollar Level. Those that join will get access to the patron channel and virtual tea tables on our discord server and all the early-access information shared there.

We will do it over our website rather than on Patreon. Those that choose to go in for six months ($60), can choose either one month of free shipping or one monthly tea box. Those that sign on for one year ($120) will have one month were they get both. We want to make this project as inclusive as possible while staying financially sustainable.

Those who sign up will be contacted over e-mail to discuss how they will exercise their purchased privileges.