Take the Yellow Pill: Yellow and Green Tea Sample Box

Take the Yellow Pill: Yellow and Green Tea Sample Box

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We have been diving into the world of yellow tea with SweetestDew and a Chinese yellow tea supplier they know in Anhui. Initially, SweetestDew sent us two unmarked samples and had us taste the them before revealing what which was a verified yellow tea and which was probably just green tea sold under a yellow label. It was a fun and informative process.

We would like to share that experience here with you. In this sample box you will find three 30 gram samples. One is an early season pick Huoshan yellow bud tea (Huangyacha) from Manfu Tea, one is a late season Huoshan yellow tea (Huangdacha) also from Manfu Tea, and the final sample is a first flush green tea from Jianshi, Hubei.  After trying these three teas, you'll know what yellow tea tastes like and what it doesn't.

-Huoshan Yellow Bud: This is the good stuff, the perfect platonic form. Although not much to look at, this is an early Guyu pick that offers the exact tastes and aromas that traditional yellow teas should offer. Minimal complexity. There has been just enough extra oxidation to yellow the leaves and mellow the taste, cutting away green tea's characteristic astringency, but doing nothing more. Brew: Grandpa Syle

-Huoshan Big Yellow: This is not the emperor's tribute tea, it's not Huoshan's finest. It's also worthy of your attention. Big Yellow has a unique flavor that has won a place in the hearts of a younger generation of Oolong drinkers. This tea is complex. You may pick up earthier, chocolaty tones as well as floral and fruity aromas.  Brew: Gongfu Style

-Mapo Green: This is the anti-yellow tea. If anyone ever gives you "yellow" tea and it tastes like this, something is very wrong.  This tea has early Spring green tea's characteristic bite. Mapo is downright kinda astringent. The subtle watercress, almost peppery aroma of the dry leaves is a feature that no yellow tea should ever have.  Brew: Grandpa/Cold Brew

Check out this blog post to learn more about Chinese yellow tea and its current market situation.

This sampler will become available on May 1st. It will be available for $65 until May 5th in honor of International Labor Day.