Goldbud Black Tea
Goldbud Black Tea

Goldbud Black Tea

One River Tea

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Taoshu Cooperative
Hubei Black Tea
Spring 2020

Leaf: Almost entirely golden buds, riven through with threads of black.
Liquor: Down heavy, deep dark amber.
Aroma: Both malty and spicy, slightly smoky.
Taste: Complex blend of sweet malt and tannin-rich spice.

This is the highest grade of black tea offered by the Taoshu Community, which is evident by its composition of nearly entirely downy buds, which have turned golden orange through the oxidization and processing. The dry leaves have a strong malty aroma and are trailed by veritable clouds of down whenever handled, meanwhile the liquor and wet leaves have a spicier and more complex palate than simply malt and chocolate.

Brewing recommendations: Gaiwan or Teapot brewing is ideal for this type of high-grade black tea. A true gongfu session will help unveil the subtle transformations of this tea, from the powerful fragrance of the first few infusions, to the lingering sweetness of the later steeps. 

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