New Teas from Lincang: Raw Puer, Gushu, Blends, Pure Bud White, Minis

Sample Sets

In our tea travels we have learned one thing above all: there is more to learn.  Tea is so vast and complex; the different regions, the different styles, the different production methods, the cultivation, the storage, the age, and on and on. 

When we are out in the fields and while we are talking with producers about these complexities, teas tend to group themselves into sets.  Many times, while drinking with a producer, they will very naturally treat us to a comparison tea tasting in order to help us understand the differences between their teas. 

In this spirit, we have created several sample sets to help deepen your understanding of teas, and share a little sense of what it feels like to drink carefully curated teas with a tea producer.

We hope that this experience is instructive and enriching, able to deepen your appreciation of tea in all its myriad characteristics and innumerable manifestations.


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