New Teas from Lincang: Raw Puer, Gushu, Blends, Pure Bud White, Minis

Master Zhang

Master Zhang is a young tea producer that is pushing the quality of tea in Fuding past its traditional limits.  He blends modern scientific approaches, and designs specialized tea processing equipment himself to process a greater volume of tea in as close to a traditional way as possible. 

While many white tea producers in Fuding has given up the traditional practice of charcoal drying their teas, preferring to bake them in electric or gas ovens instead, Zhang has invented a new type of baking box that can dry several kilograms of tea at a time using traditional charcoal heat.  Thus, all of his teas have been charcoal finished, giving his teas a better mouthfeel, and conditioning them for long term aging and storage.

Read more about his detailed methods here, and check out the way he stores his teas here!

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