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Laotian Tea and Chinese Traders

The Chinese Origins of Laos’ Tea Boom As wages have risen in China, a mass market has developed for medium and high-end teas. At the forefront of t...

International Tea Consumer Survey

We are working to consolidate our earlier Enshi Yulu Survey and an ongoing International Tea Consumer Survey into a single accessible report for En...

October Update to Solidarity Trust Work

  For well over 300 years, tea vendors have been a marginal and sometimes parasitic presence in China. So long as tea has been a mass market commod...

Selected Summaries From Huang Baizi’s “Phoenix Dancong Tea”

Fragrance Bush Yield Leaf Traits Growth Traits Finished Tea Xiongdi 10 Jin (Annual) Glossy green color, flat body, shallow teet...

Master Wei (bio)

Master Wei (bio)
Master Wei is an award winning dancong producer at the center of a family-run enterprise.  He has several gardens high in the Phoenix Mountains near Wudong Shan and only harvests once a year, in spring.  During this time, his wife manages the picking team of up to 70 women, while Wei spends the days )(and long nights) overseeing the withering, shake wilting, kill green, rolling, and bake drying production process with a alternating group of apprentices keen to learn the art.

Yellow Tea Red Pill

Yellow Tea Red Pill
The yellow tea in your cup may not be what it claims to be.

Masu Village: Chasing Tongmuguan Black Tea

Masu Village: Chasing Tongmuguan Black Tea
Masu Village, Tongmuguan.  This incredibly remote region of the world is home to the first ever black tea.  The locals that live here exist in a ...


同志们好! 我们是ORT(One River Tea), 一个团结经济组织。网站和美国公司(LLP)成立于2018年。 本企业是以茶叶和茶具为主要产品,以欧美公平贸易消费者为主要对象。我们的三个大特色是实地采购、工分分配制度、和社会性投资。从采摘到加工再到出口,我们将尽量实现团结和正义分配。来...

Solidarity Trust Update

Between January 1st and June 30th some 9370 RMB was set aside via our profit sharing scheme. This money will be divided among the respective produc...

Translated 1979 Introduction of Lapsang Souchong

Translated 1979 Introduction of Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong is one of China’s national specialties. It is considered one of the three major types of Chinese black tea along with Gongfu Tea and Fenjicha[2]. Souchong itself can be further sub-divided into Lapsang and Artificial Souchong[3].

Yulu Survey Results

Thank you! Between January 20th and May 31st, thirty six friends and customers answered our survey out of the 80 samples we initially sent. We deep...

Xie Family

Father Xie brings the fresh Dancong oolong back to the production household
Meet the Xie family farm.  They have a very small amount of tea fields (only about 3 acres interspersed between bamboo forests and vegetable gardens).  During the spring the three family members spend most the months of March and April picking and making tea, while in May they begin to sort the maocha, and in June and July they will roast all the tea themselves!