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Dancong Oolongs

Dancong oolong is one of the most varied and developed types of tea available in mainland China.  The variety of cultivars comes entirely from exploration of local tea growers grafting tea bushes onto each other and studying the results. There are already over 200 cultivars of dancong oolong in the Phoenix mountains of Eastern Guangdong (bordering South Coastal Fujian), and many of these cultivars have been create din the past few decades.

These teas undergo an incredibly detailed processing, from picking, sun withering, slight bruising, kill green, rolling, baking, sorting, and charcoal roasting.  Teas produced in spring are often not available until autumn!  These teas are perfect for an experienced brewer, as they are each so different from the other.  We have never had two Dancong Oolongs that brew up or taste the same!  This is why we love them, for their sheer complexity and for the way they demand our attention with each and every session.

Take a look at our offerings below, and look into the specific producers and farms they come from, such as Master Wei, the Huiwei Community, the Xie Family, and Liao Xulin! 

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