Here we give credit to the individuals that have contributed their time and energy to ORT's social missions. These volunteers have endured some of the rougher living conditions that China still has to offer. They have bared the sun, heat, and insects to make a contribution to the revitalization of one tea community. See their following reflections.


Season: Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Spring 2023

"Working on Hefeng was a great experience for someone like me who's always wanted to be personally involved in the process of producing tea. It was great fun to do tilling, harvesting and weeding, albeit a lot more fun after the weeds became more well-managed. The first few sessions were a bit rough with no toilet and no way to cook without the kitchen becoming an smokehouse, but fortunately these two issues have been resolved. Overall the experience was both relaxed and informative with a certain magical quality to starry evenings on the side of the mountain. . . especially after the locals had scared off the boars."


Season: Spring 2021

"As an international student, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the tea farm in Hefeng. The experience was eye-opening and humbling, as I was able to witness the hard work and dedication that goes into producing high-quality tea. I worked alongside local farmers, learning about the different varieties of tea and the traditional methods of cultivation and harvesting. Despite the environmental barrier, I was able to connect with the farmers and learn about their way of life. The experience taught me the importance of sustainable agriculture and the value of community-based initiatives. It was a truly unforgettable experience that allowed me to immerse myself in a different culture and gain a newfound appreciation for the beauty of rural life. An unforgettable experience!"


"Hefeng and Enshi are ideal cities for developing the bonds of socialist solidarity and internationalism. It is my first ever visit to China, and I am excited to use it as a learning experience, to see the work that the comrades here carry out both at the local and the national level. I will take the things that I've learned back to The Communist Party of Norway and the Young Communists in Norway, to better inform my comrades about China, so that we can work on strengthening the international, fraternal ties between our parties."


"Here in the mountains of Hefeng I felt unalone in a new sense. I was able to get closer to the real life of the people in a part of China that seems more like a foriegn nation compared to my native Guangdong."