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Silver Needle Presale 2024
Silver Needle Presale 2024

Silver Needle Presale 2024

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Tea: Silver Needle (Yinzhen)
Type: Fuding White Tea
Harvest: Mid March 2024 (Date TBA)
Region: Panxi, Fuding, Fujian
Producers: Yuanming Tea Garden
Tasting notes: baked doughnut, honeysuckle, roasted peanut, sweetgrass, cream

Silver Needle is one of the finest Chinese teas of all time.  It is comprised exclusively of the fat fuzzy buds the Dabaihao tea cultivar produces, and is only picked for a few weeks of every year.  Slowly but surely, this tea has grown in popularity in the West, and authentic sources of this famous tea are ever more sought after.  We exclusively purchase our Silver Needle from Qiu's garden plot in the small mountains of Panxi, in Fuding, and his processing is pristine every time.

These buds have been picked, sorted, sundried, and conditioned for long-term aging over a bed of charcoal.  This really is the height of tea, but the mature and subtle flavors are not for everyone.  The beauty in this tea is in its subtlety, its consistency, and in its unmistakable Chaqi.  A session with this tea is conducive to a quiet, blissful mood, rather than an edge-of-the-seat rollercoaster experience one would get with a Dancong Oolong or young raw puer tea. 

We are offering this tea as a presale for the Silver Needle devotees who want to be the first to taste the freshness of this king of teas.