New Teas from Lincang: Raw Puer, Gushu, Blends, Pure Bud White, Minis

Six Years of One River Tea (a tea and teaware raffle)

Hello everyone!


The time has come for our year-end event. We have been doing this together now for six years, half way around the zodiac, and we have a lot of good stuff on offer to celebrate this milestone. This year we are doing a raffle, rolling out five new products, and finally launching our rewards program.


First let's talk about the raffle. Between January 1st and January 3rd, three lucky people who make an order over 100 USD will win of the following:

1. 100ml Wood-fired Easy Gaiwan

2. 100g pressing of the (Huazhuliangzi Gushu) Tree Spirit

3. 200g White Dew Shoumei Cake


All of these products are unique in one way.


This is the last time One River Tea will be offering an Easy Gaiwan, and it is really the last hurrah of our teaware. We only have one left and when it is gone it is gone. This Tree Spirit Puer Cake is also one a kind - we only ever made one at this size and it will absolutely be gone after this raffle.


Finally this is the first time we are selling the popular 2022 White Dew Shoumei in its "Modern Nuwa" tea cake form.


Three different people will receive an email on January 4th to let them know they have won the raffle and get one of these three freebies in their order.


You all will have extra reason to drop $100 those three days with our brand new releases. Besides the Modern Nuwa Cake, we will also be releasing two new Yanchas, a red tea, and a dark tea.


Although our existing line-up of affordable Yancha has been one of our best selling sections of the store, a core demographic of customers has also cried out for higher grade Wuyi Oolong selections. If you are one of those people, our brand new Winter Daphne and Blue Ribbon Red Robe are for you. The former is heavy roasted but delicate addition to our yancha line-up, while the latter is an award winning blended Big Red Robe that is a real step up from your normal daily drinker.


There are two other heavily requested teas from Central China that are also going to drop on January 1st: Old Path Yihong and 2017 Anhua Dark. The former has been a favorite of ours to gift out, was included in the Summer red tea sampler, and is a chocolaty medium oxidized red tea that is perfect for this season; the latter was the dark tea sample man of you enjoyed from the Black Friday Sale, and is a wonderfully mellow representative of the new, more boutique styles of Heicha that are developing in the region. We will be in Anhua when the event drops to share more about this style, the producer, and the region.


If the raffle, brand new tea, and the coming shipping slowdown as we approach Chinese New Year are not all reason enough to buy, we are also going to roll out our new rewards program this January 1st. We rely on repeat customers to keep this project viable, and many other vendors already have similar programs. Starting January 1st, you will receive three "co-op coins" for every dollar you spend, which you can later use on future purchases. 60 coins can be redeemed for a single dollar, meaning for every 20 dollars you spend, you get one back. Between January 1st and 3rd, everyone will receive double coins, meaning one dollar back for every ten spent.


P.S. Customers that refer a friend will get a five dollar coupon, as will the new friend they have referred to us.


Happy New Year from One River Tea

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