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Tongmuguan Black Teas

Tongmuguan is the legendary birthplace of black tea not only in China, but in the entire world!  The teas that are produced in this region are unlike any other black teas ever produced: they are clean and sweet, robust and wild, and embody both the traditional processing of the people and the barely touched nature reserve from which they come.

All our Tongmuguan Teas gone from the Masu Village some 1250 meters above main Tongmuguan.  Within this village, we exclusively work with the Zhang family, whose knowledge, land, and ethics are all outstanding.  The Zhang household is a five generation tea making family and have some of the oldest, tallest, and most wild black tea bushes we have ever encountered.  Their beautiful trees, the isolated high-mountain location of their land, and their generational knowledge of tea production all give these teas a very special place in the One River Tea lineup.

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