Master Feng

Master Feng has been processing the Cooperatives Luyangchun green tea since the 90s and charges 36RMB per 500 grams of tea that he processes, (to our ears, this is an incredibly fair price, when the cooperative boasts of paying its pickers up to 130RMB per 500g of Mingqian tea).  That said, the amount of tea that Master Feng processes means that his family doesn't necessarily need to grow and pick and make their own tea; however, they continue to do just that every year.  Master Feng's daughter told us that their family owns just under 3 mu of tea fields (roughly 0.5 acres).  In the grand scheme of the Cooperative's production, the amount of finished tea the Feng's produce themselves is negligible, which is why they have registered as an independent household, instead of trying to sell such a small quantity of tea through the larger cooperative.  We were able to acquire a few jin of this years tea, and are proud to offer it to the Western market as an honest example of tea grown for passion, not for profit, picked and produced by a family that has seen substantial life improvements through the production of tea.  Thank you for your support, we hope that you can see and taste the undiluted care and passion behind Master Feng's teas.

Making tea by hand is hard work - hard work that fewer and fewer people are willing to master. And so, by marketing the small quantity of tea that the Feng family grows and process themselves, we hope to help support an aging master continue his trade from the rest of his years.

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