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Mister Zhang

Zhang Xilong was a party member and later cooperative leader in the Shanhe (Moubtains and Rivers) Tea Producers' Cooperative. Born a subsistence farmer, Zhang began to work with tea in 1980's. Participating in the development of a market-driven cooperative, Zhang experimented with Shanhe DiCui, the co-op's initial cultivar of choice, and later pushed for the introduction of Luyangchun, which has become the local favorite of Yangzhou. He mastered the processing and cultivation of tea along the way.

Now, with his children grown and co-op managed by others, he earns a little extra income by selling his own Lyuyangchun. This tea is picked from his household's own small plot and processed using the machinery and specialized woks that Zhang keeps in his garage.

Lacking a physical or online shop, he currently sells only to the old customers who are willing to drive out to his village. We hope to help Zhang and his family sell their hand crafted tea to enthusiasts abroad.