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Solidarity Trust Deep Dive

2021 Solidarity Trust Deep Dive



 2020 marked the year that One River Tea evolved from a hobby project into a sustainable small enterprise. With this newfound material foundation, we are now able to devote more time, money, and energy to this project. This will translate into new products, new farms, and more multi-media content. At the same time, this means we are at last ready to start operating as a cooperative proper: sharing profits and investing directly into the farms and farmers that supply the tea on our site. Below we will explore and explain our plan in depth.



Solidarity Trust - Cooperative Label 

 Effective January 1st 2021, our site will introduce a new kind of products: cooperative. All of our tea will continue to be sourced according to the spirit of fair trade and sustainability. One can also continue to expect the same level of quantity for  all of our teas.

 Going forward, however, our cooperative products will go one step further in realizing the principles of the solidarity economy. Aside from our initial seasonal purchase, we will also give the supplying farmers an annual pay-out based on the sales of the teas they have supplied. Between the pay-out and the initial purchase, they will receive 50% of the sales revenue we earn on cooperative products. This means we have an obligation to both our suppliers and customers to maintain a transparent 2-1 margin on all cooperative products. 

Cooperative products will be clearly labeled both on the website and on the packaging of each product.


Price Reform

The prices for all items currently on the site will not change. Any cooperative product added after January 1st 2021 will however be labeled as such. They may vary in price from similar products added to the site in previous years. That being said we do not anticipate a wide divergence for either cooperative or non-cooperative products. Cooperative Products may on average 10% more expensive than similar products sold in previous years. We will set concrete prices once the suppliers set their own for the 2021 Spring Season.



Going forward, our producers will be divided into two categories: cooperative and commercial. The basis of this division is their socio-economic situation. Cooperatives and family farms who live in disadvantaged areas, belong to minority groups, function as a community project, or simply are less successful in the Chinese market will be labeled as cooperative. Here is a list of cooperative producers for the 2021 Spring Season:



Enterprise Name

Major Product



Lin Family

Low Mountain Dancong

Chaozhou, China

Lower Income

Loushuiyuan Co-op

Hefeng Maojian

Hefeng, China

Tujia Minority

Keosuyaping Family

Laotian Puer

Phongsaly, Laos

Lower Income

Taoshubao Co-op

Wild Black Tea

Enshi, China

Lower Income

Wu Family

Browned Showmen

Guanyang, China

Lower Income

Xiangmiao Co-op

Golden Green

Baojing, China

Miao MInority

Zhu Family

Wild Silver Needle

Taimushan, China

Community Project



Community Investment

Aside from selling tea itself, we will endeavor to generate extra income for all of our supplying tea farms through five new channels. These are tea trips, a directly leased plot, a tea-centered guest house, an expanded wholesale list, and a tip jar at checkout. We will announce and explain each of these initiatives as they are implemented, so be sure to read our newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and Discord. Know also that the revenue generated by our commercial products, and your financial support in general, will make these new developments all the more possible.


We are honored and humbled by your support!