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Yuanming Tea

This company was started by Qiu and his wife in 2013.  Qiu had just returned from nearly 18 years working abroad, sending all his earnings back home.  Once back in China, he bought 5 properties, married his love (a Diantou native) and opened their first tea house.  They began collecting and pressing tea cakes. Their first storefront was right by Qiu's mother in law's house in the tea-centric village of Diantou just outside Fuding, Fujian. They called this initial shop "Mother-in-Law Tea," however, this name turned out to be copy written, and they had to change it the year after to Yuanming Tea, or Garden Fresh Tea.  In 2014 they leased some tea gardens up by Taimushan and began growing and producing tea themselves. 

Qiu is a man committed to producing high quality tea (which sounds obvious in a producer; however, on our various tea travels, we have found this quality to be rather hard to find in this money-oriented society).  I spent many days with Qiu, and during this time he explained many facets of Fuding White tea to me.  Taking diligent notes, it wasn't long before I realized that here was a man of passion, interested in tea and excited to share his knowledge in order to help others more deeply appreciate the complexities of a fine cup of tea.