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Apricot Kernel Fragrance Dancong
Apricot Kernel Fragrance Dancong
Apricot Kernel Fragrance Dancong
Apricot Kernel Fragrance Dancong

Apricot Kernel Fragrance Dancong

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Tea: Apricot Kernel Fragrance (Xingrenxiang)
Type: Charcoal Roasted Dancong Oolong
Harvest: Spring 2023
Roast: Heavy
Region: Zhuliu Village, Phoenix Mountains, Chaozhou
Producer: Master Wei
Tasting Notes: Toasted Nuts, Dried Apricot, Rosemary, Caramelized Toast 
Check out our Glossary of Dancong Oolong Terms to understand this info more!

Xingrenxiang, or apricot kernel fragrance, is a classically charcoal roasted dancong that belongs to the almond fragrance family.  The dry leaves are mildly oxidized and all have a sender thin twist to them.  When first brewed, the wet leaves are incredibly rich vegetal umami fragrance while still being backed by toasted nut aromas.  Compared to last year, this tea is more lightly roasted which lends itself to its namesake, the Apricot Kernel Fragrance, or the honey-baked almonds we see served with tea all throughout China.  The session begins thick and heavy with a good deal of warm toasted notes in the brew, but midway through the session the herbal, floral, spice notes peak in a confluence of rosemary and other fragrant kitchen herbs.

As the brews continue, the light amber liquor sweetens even further with a hidden characteristic of dried apricots and rosemary.  There is a thick mineral note to this tea that coats the tongue and delivers a pleasant huigan.  The empty cup aroma is one of buttered toast.

This has been one of our favorite teas from the past few years, and we are excited to offer it again in the Dancong roasted sample box.  

A note on names:
In the big book of Dancong tea varietals, written by a long-time Phoenix Village tea producer, there are over 200 dancong varietals listed, among them are several in a family dubbed 'almond fragrance.'  Among these dancong varietals are found the 'peach kernel fragrance' and the 'apricot kernel fragrance.'  As both these fruit kernels yield a type of almond, these dancong varietals are often mistranslated as simply 'almond fragrance' which in truth can refer to half a dozen different varietals.

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Somatra S.
United States


This tea is blissfully fragrant and it tastes wonderful. I am not great with descriptions of taste and smell, but I will say this is among the best dancong I've had. I ordered 100g and from the first session I knew this dancong is a banger. Just cleared 50g and I cannot wait to finish what I have left and get some more.

United States United States

Excellent Xing Ren

I have been really enjoying this tea! Beautiful aroma and flavors. I need to buy more!

United States United States

good Xing Ren

this Xing Ren has a very good price to quality ratio. it's quite buttery and toasty, with some stonefruit undertones reminiscent of apricots and a floral quality that is restrained, yet apparent. it's got a nice mouthfeel and a good texture, but is just a pinch lacking in terms of depth of flavor profile. it hints at notes like herbs, spices, and grilled pineapple, all of which I've tasted in very high-end representations of xing ren, so it has a lot of good stuff going for it, I just wanted that good stuff to be stronger and more clarified. otherwise it's quite enjoyable. 4 stars for the overall flavor profile being spot-on with what I've come to expect of top-tier examples of Xing Ren, and the 5th star for the value. it's priced very well and if you want a glimpse at what you can expect from Xing Ren that costs 2-3x more than this, make sure you try this. I enjoy this year's harvest more than last year's. it's more well-developed, with a thicker body and more nuanced evolution of flavors. Master Wei knows what's up.

Christian V.
Mexico Mexico

Good memories

I really enjoy this Apricot Kenerl Dancong. I tried a similar oolong in 2015 and I couldn't find such a good quality Dancong since then. I'm happy