Duck Shit Fragrance
Duck Shit Fragrance
Duck Shit Fragrance
Duck Shit Fragrance

Duck Shit Fragrance

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Tea: Duck Shit Fragrance (Yashixiang - 鸭屎香)
Type: Charcoal Roasted Dancong Oolong
Harvest: Spring 2022
Roast Dates: 1st roasting in May 2022, 2nd roasting in June 2022
Region: Phoenix Village, Guangdong, China
Producers: Mrs. Chen
Tasting Notes: Angel Food Cake, Buttered Potatoes, Steamed Spinach, Toast

Yashixiang, or Duck Shit Fragrance, is one of the most commonly exported varietals of Dancong Oolong.  Naturally, such a name draws interest, thought the flavor profile is anything but stinky!  Since this varietal is so common, we have had exposure to many different years, seasons, grades, and styles of its production, thus our taste is rather selective.  The Yashixiang we decided on this year has all of our favorite characteristics: consistently savory, heavily fragrance whithout being perfume, and great source material that makes the sessions last.

The dry leaves give off smooth notes of buttered toast and a sweetness redolent of angel food cake.  Once brewed, the wet leaves exude a savory note that is intensified by the sweet fragrances found in the dry leaf.  The brew is a consistent rich gold that has a rich mouthfeel and coats the tongue wonderfully.  While there is plenty of sweetness in the leaves, there is no fruitiness as could be found in the Gardenia Fragrance or the Honey Orchid Fragrance.  The vegetal body of the tea are quickly revealed from the medium roasted leaves, offering flavors of buttered potatoes and steamed spinach.  The empty cup keeps all the sugary sweet backed notes noticed in the dry leaves.

Personally, this tea sits very well on our stomach and is a perfect post meal companion.

Drinking Huiwei’s Fragrant Yashixiang and their Spring Yashixiang side by side is a lovely way to experience the versatility in dancong teas, as the two teas are made form the same trees and by the same processors, but are made into vastly different styles.  

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