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Motorbike 2023 Huazhuliangzi Orb
Motorbike 2023 Huazhuliangzi Orb

Motorbike 2023 Huazhuliangzi Orb

One River Tea

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Tea: Motorbike 2023 Spring Huazhuliangzi Raw Puer 
Type: Raw Puer (生普洱)
Harvest: April 2023 
Press Date: April 2023
Region: Boatang, Huazhuliangzi, Mengsong, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan
2023 Tasting Notes:  passionfruit, spirulina, cedar wood, rose
This item is a small 7 gram single-session pressing of the larger similarly named 200 gram cake: same material, same maker, same press date.  We offer them individually or in sets of three.

This tea is a 1 to 1 blend of Huazhuliangzi Gushu with Huazhuliangzi Old Arbor tea tree material.  What this means is that while it has the deep backbone of mineral rich ancient tree material, the younger leaf material packs a fruity floral punch that wakes up fast and fades into a sweet soup towards the end of the session.

Although this tea is young, it coats the mouth and leaves a tingling sweetness behind on the tongue for a long time after the session.  As a common feature of the terroir of this area (the Huazhuliangzi ridge is just one mountain valley away from the beloved Naka region), this tea has an ever so slight saline quality in the brew, which undoubtably comes from its unique mineral-rich growing environment.

If you're interested in sampling this year's full flight of puer pressings, check out the Yunnan Flight, a set of 6 dragon balls from different regions each pressed in 7 gram balls for convenient brewing.

We recommend brewing this tea gongfu style in a gaiwan or Chinese teapot.  We use 6 grams of tea in a 100ml brewing vessel with boiling water, steeping 5 second for the first few infusions and adding 5 seconds after ever subsequent infusion.  Most of these puer teas can be re-infused over 15 times, when brewing in this gongfu style.

Curious about these Chinese puer tea terms, check out our growing appendix of Chinese - pinyin - English translated terms here.

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