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2022 Yellow Bud 20%
2022 Yellow Bud 20%
2022 Yellow Bud 20%

2022 Yellow Bud 20%

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Tea: 2022 Aged Huoshan Huangya (霍山黄芽) 
Type: Yellow Tea, Light Yellowing, Dry Fermentation
Harvest: Spring 2022
Region: Dahuaping Town, Huoshan County, China
Producer: Huifeng Company 
Tasting Notes:  Fruity & Floral Aroma; Corn, Pine Nut Flavor. 

This tea has many of best qualities of our two other lightly yellowed teas. It shares the traditional pick shape and local cultivar found in Rao's 15% version, while also having similar aroma characteristics as the 2018 Aged Version. It also has some deficiencies. It can brew up slightly sharper than the 2018 Version, while some leaves appear to have been blistered in the process of wok-frying.

For what it is though, an authentic handmade yellow tea made by an accredited producer in the core growing area, this tea probably has best price / quality ratio for any of our light yellow teas. The effects of fermentation are clear enough that you know you aren't drinking green tea, BUT you can still brew and enjoy it in the same way you would any green tea.

The Huifeng Tea Company and its director Master Li, is a small operation even by the standards of the Chinese tea market. With less than five employees, 30 Mu of land, and a glorified garage for a factory, Li is far from an industry magnate. Yet he is the one in the Dahuaping Township who produces yellow tea on the largest scale. This tea is one his recent attempts to find a yellow tea that the Chinese market can accept.